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Corrado Giuffredi Crystal Bb Mouthpiece

$265 USD

Corrado Giuffredi Crystal Bb Mouthpiece

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$265 USD

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One of the finest performing artists in the world, Italian Clarinetist, Corrado Giuffredi is a master of many musical genres, including: orchestral, chamber music and klezmer. Raised and schooled in the Italian way, Corrado’s mouthpiece of choice is a custom made Pomarico crystal mouthpiece designed to his exacting specifications. Only a select number of mouthpieces are handmade for Corrado each year, all of which have his name and the Backun name etched in the crystal. If you’re looking for a mouthpiece that does it all, look no further. Ciao!

While the tip opening of the CG Crystal Mouthpiece is 1.19, due to the nature of the hard crystal material, this mouthpiece plays like one with a smaller tip opening for those accustomed to hard rubber. 


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